The Birthing Mother doula serves mothers and mothers-to-be in the Greater Vancouver area. The mother’s emotional and physical comfort is what we aspire to provide, while she embarks on the beautiful journey of bringing life into the world!

The meaning of the word doula translated from Greek is maid servant; at Birthing Mother, serving our mom pre, during and post labour is our priority. We work as one cohesive unit with you and any support (husband/partner, family or friends) you may already have. Our goal is to have the process of birth feel as natural as we know it should be, and have the joy of welcoming your new little one(s) into the world as a memorable, unifying experience. The doula also works alongside medical professionals, in supporting with pain management while also relaying/clarify/raising awareness around any information, questions and concerns that occur during this time, without influencing the decisions you make. No judgement, simply experience birth your way.

A calm and peaceful state of mind helps ease the birth process, the Birthing Mother doula is there every step of the way to support and serve you in your home or at the hospital, with whatever prenatal, birth and post partum choices you make. Have the serenity to feel only love for your new baby!